Customized e-learning platforms for all types of organisations


Benefits include:

♦ The ability for any organization to have its own e-learning platform to support, educate and train staff, students or customers worldwide

♦ Fully customizeable to suit your requirements

♦ Turnkey delivery, fully supported and maintained on your behalf​

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An ebook publishing platform that allows you to deliver and manage digital content securely with subscribers worldwide

(Available on Windows pc, Android tablet and mobile phone)

eLibrary Pro

Benefits include:

♦ Secure ​distributi​on and management of your​ ​”​in house​”​ confidential ​digital ​content​ including all types of documents​

♦ Publishing and dis​tributing​ documents ​​that you wish to securely ​control​ to third parties (clients and contractors)​

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Workplace task management software to track and improve productivity for organisations

Output Master

Benefits include:

♦ Ensures that no staff member forgets any tasks

♦ With comprehensive features that allow managers to assign tasks and allocate time based deadlines​ and time allocations​, you and your team can stay on track and never miss a deadline

♦ Track output generated by each member

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Helpdesk software suite including live chat support and email ticketing for organisations to support customers and subscribers


Benefits include:

♦ O​rganizations that wish to cost effectively service clients via Live Chat as opposed to an expensive telephone call centre​. ​One operator can service up to 12 people simultaneously, as opposed to a live call operator that can only attend to one at a time. Easy transferring of chats whilst in session and great referencing tools make accessing trancripts easy.

♦ Emailed support tickets are automatically created allowing for easy tracking by your team and customers.

♦ ​Email​s​ (tickets) can be assigned to any operator ensuring no email goes unanswered

♦ ​Comprehensive reporting allows for high delivery standards and constant improvement