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Cyber School Aftercare Franchises

A Cyber School aftercare franchise takes the best of what Cyber School has to offer, and adds after school care. This includes socializing, get togethers, sporting activities, and outings that allow the students to connect and interact face to face.

CS Franchises

Ideal for:

♦ Cyber School operates worldwide. Cyber School franchises operate where we have a franchisee that offers aftercare for the students, not only from Cyber School, but school going students from all schools in the area.

♦ Students can study at home in the morning and meet up with their classmates and a co-ordinator in the afternoon.

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English Partner Pro

Online English language courses from absolute beginner to pre-tertiary level for children and adults

English Partner Pro

Benefits include:

♦ Learning English allows you to connect with the world! We live in the Information Age, and English allows you to connect with international movies, books, technology, and most importantly, English is the international language of business. It is the one language that allows the world to connect with each other. It is the bridge to bringing us all closer together.

♦ With strong English skills (reading, writing, listening & speaking) students are being placed in a better position to farther their careers and seize opportunities for advancement



Customized e-learning platforms for all types of organisations


Benefits include:

♦ The ability for any organization to have its own e-learning platform to support, educate and train staff, students or customers worldwide

♦ Fully customizeable to suit your requirements

♦ Turnkey delivery, fully supported and maintained on your behalf​

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Onboarding Solutions

Simple, straightforward, user-friendly employee onboarding solutions for your organization

Onboarding Solutions - Site Image

Benefits include:

♦ Onboarding helps new employees adjust to the performance aspects of their jobs so they can quickly become productive, contributing members of your organization

♦ This replaces expensive outdated training costs and ensures new employee replacements can self-train quickly and effectively with no workplace disruption

♦ Helps ensure all current employees stay “top of their game” by efficiently learning new content and being assessed thereon at times that suit them and the company

♦ Our solutions are about minimizing your employee training costs through effective systemization and providing the online tools you need to create an effective onboarding solution for your organization

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An ebook publishing platform that allows you to deliver and manage digital content securely with subscribers worldwide

(Available on Windows pc, Android tablet and mobile phone)

eLibrary Pro

Benefits include:

♦ Secure ​distributi​on and management of your​ ​”​in house​”​ confidential ​digital ​content​ including all types of documents​

♦ Publishing and dis​tributing​ documents ​​that you wish to securely ​control​ to third parties (clients and contractors)​

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Workplace task management software to track and improve productivity for organisations

Output Master

Benefits include:

♦ Ensures that no staff member forgets any tasks

♦ With comprehensive features that allow managers to assign tasks and allocate time based deadlines​ and time allocations​, you and your team can stay on track and never miss a deadline

♦ Track output generated by each member

ByteFree Mosquito Repellent - Logo

ByteFree Mosquito Repellent

A safe, non-toxic mosquito and insect repellent that can be sprayed on to give you hours of protection

Mosquito Ninja Repellent

Benefits include:

♦ This product contains no harmful chemicals and is completely safe to use! Other repellents contain DEET (​diethyl toluamide​), a harmful, sticky, awful smelling chemical that offers poor results.

♦ Try this product and see the results for yourself!

China Sourcing Pro

Through an extensive network of contacts in China and other countries, we supply manufactured goods to corporates, the military, government, and similar agencies

China Sourcing Pro - logo

Benefits Include:

♦ We are able to source any ​Chinese ​manufactured product competitively​ and reliably​

♦ Factory site inspections welcome

♦ Deal with our China based office directly​

China Sourcing Pro

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility and Community Upliftment

We don’t believe in giving money to worthwhile causes as that only treats the symptom and not the underlying cause. By only treating the symptom, you will never solve the root cause of the problem and will therefore never solve it. Rather like emptying a leaking boat with buckets but refusing to plug the holes that are causing the leaks!

Conversely, we believe in trying to change the hearts and minds of people, one at a time, to get them to accept responsibility for their actions and to do something about it. After all, our lives are the sum total of all the decisions we make, of which there are thousands upon thousands in our daily lives. People in need are often in their situations because of decisions THEY have made. Each decision, no matter how small, contributes to our overall daily experience of living. And if we can alter those decisions for the better, one at a time, we can positively impact those in need and improve their lives which in turn creates a better society for all of us.

Ubuntu is a South African word meaning humanity or fellow feeling; kindness.

The essence of Ubuntu is “I am, because you are”

What are you doing to make your community a better place for all to live in?

There is an Arabic saying, "If you won't carry a torch and I won't carry a torch, where will we get the light from?"

We are all interconnected with each other and actions we take affect others indirectly, the world over.

If we all treat one another with kindness, we will create a kinder world. Conversely, if we are all aggressive with one another, we will create a more aggressive world.

By helping the Velocity Group, you are also helping to promote Ubuntu. Ubuntu is global, universal. The world is increasingly global and due to the advent of the Information Age, all its populations connect on a level never seen before. For example, an event occurs in China, is disseminated via a user with a mobile phone, which is then followed or seen by millions across the globe.

Business and making money propels the world forward, as business leaders endlessly pursue profits. The problem is, the profit model is endless. It never, ever ends, and is never satisfied as it always wants more. That means we will never be satisfied as long as we buy entirely into this pursuit all the time. We say pursue profits but not relentlessly just for the sake of it, but rather with the purpose of accruing enough combined with achieving the Ubuntu Spirit by only pursuing up to the point of a good return, and yet still promoting values that will make the world a better place not only for us, but for our children and their children. Don’t pursue profit for the sake of endless profit only, but rather for enough profit with a social conscience and a will to positively impact the world around us.

For us, greed is a mental disorder that keeps you in a perpetual state of discontentment and lack of inner peace. We would rather make money and ensure all around is happy with the way in which that money was made. Money without integrity isn’t worth having.

One of our definitions of success is leaving the world a better place than when we found it. Shouldn’t it be one of yours?

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