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Cyber School Africa, Europe, and Middle East

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Cyber School Americas

We are not a homeschool, but rather a “school from home” that uses qualified teachers in virtual classrooms

Virtual live classroom schooling for grades 2 – 12, culminating in an American high school diploma, written and accepted in more than 130 countries

SAT college entrance exam courses

Advanced Life Skills courses including Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Health & Wellness, Workplace Readiness, Becoming Independent and How To Study

Cyber School Group

Ideal for:

♦ Gifted children that want to pursue another interest simultaneously with their school studies

♦ Parents that want an alternative to mainstream schooling that offers an internationally accredited high school diploma plus extra life skills courses not offered at other schools.

♦ Students that need to travel with their parents

♦ Students that partake in sports that demand time during traditional schooling hours

♦ Students that cannot fit into the traditional school mould​ due to concentration, health and other conditions

♦ Parents that cannot afford private schooling

♦ Children that are located too far away from a suitable school

♦ Children that are unhappy at mainstream school due to bullying and other social issues

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Cyber School Mobile

“A Classroom in your pocket”

Offering mass market upliftment education via mobile phone. Students can complete high school via their mobile phones anytime, anywhere!

Ideal for on-the-job training in the workplace

Cyber School Mobile

Benefits include:

♦ Students can finish high school whilst commuting or on lunch break or at home, with all textbooks, online assessments​, student calendar, lessons in audio format and content being accessible via an Android mobile phone or tablet

♦ Now everyone can access affordable education


Gold mining in the South West of Zimbabwe


A unique fuel that when added to any diesel engine, results in massive savings!

Simply pour the contents of any of the conveniently sized bottles into your tank when filling up, and enjoy the savings that are achieved by improving the combustion of your engine. Add to any diesel tank in a ratio of one part per thousand. That means one litre treats one thousand litres of diesel. It is completely safe when used as intended and is backed by the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) stamp of approval that warrants that it will not cause any damage to your engine. The product also has an EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) registration.

Here are the benefits to using the product:


Saves You Money On Consumption!



Saves You Money On Maintenance



Helps To Save Your Health



Promotes A Greener Environment

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Boiler Fuel Saver

A fuel additive that is ideal for refinery boilers, cargo ships and vessels using HFO (Heavy Fuel Oils)

Bunfer Fuel

Benefits include:

♦ Improves combustibility of low-grade fuels

♦ Improves fluidity

♦ Saves on the amount of fuel that needs to be burned​